Novato Parents Nursery School

The Novato Parents Nursery School Co-Operative is a non-profit community owned and administered by the parents of the current year’s children.  The goal of NPNS is to be a child centered, child focus community and to foster physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth in each child.  From its earliest days starting in 1969, the community has strived to provide a safe, caring environment for children as they progress toward greater independence and self-reliance.  The cooperative framework serves as a supportive resource for parents as they guide their children through the experience of early childhood.  It also provides a unique experience for families who wish to be involved in these first years of their child’s life and to learn alongside with them.  By sharing the highs and lows of this magical time, parents gain a sense of community with those around them and come to a greater understanding of their child.  Through participation and commitment to the community, parents gain the opportunity to work with the director and teachers to create the space they desire for their children.  With their many talents, skills and strengths the parents provide the fuel to this amazing place!

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Our preschool program runs from 9am – 12 pm and takes places Monday through Friday.  Families and the Director work together to find the best multi day program for their child.  We maintain a 5:1 child-to-adult ratio daily with children starting at 2 years old.  Children do not need to be potty trained on the first day of school.

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