Our preschool program runs 9am – 12pm. We offer a 2-Day program on Tuesday/Thursday; a 3-Day program Monday/Wednesday/Friday; and a 5-Day program. Enrollment is limited to 24 children in the classroom, with a child to parent ratio of 5:1. Students must be 2½ by the first day of school.

The preschool program includes easel painting, collage, play dough sculpture, chalk, markers, water/rice play, manipulatives, movement, block building, art projects, music, developmentally appropriate group times, science experiments and much more on a rotating basis. Throughout the year, we study such things as the five senses, self-concept, ocean life, bugs, dinosaurs and fossils. Outside play includes a log cabin, play structure with slides and climbing, and many fun-filled planned activities. Indoor dress-up materials provide gross motor skill activities, role-play and make believe. There are puzzles, games and other manipulatives, a library, musical instruments and songs at circle time. Blocks, cooking projects and fieldtrips into the community are all an integral part of the group experience.

We provide age and developmentally appropriate activities for our pre-K aged children to explore and start working on the skills need to succeed at their next level. While these are not just open to those entering K, we have a more focused approach on them at this time. This year we have set up specific activities peppered in through the school day to focus on their skill set and help to set them up for a successful transition.

“ Under the Directors guidance and with parents ideas and children’s feedback, we plan an exciting child centered and child focused curriculum”.

Daily Schedule
Our preschool runs 9am – 12pm, with the optional addition of an extended-care program (Lunch Bunch). This schedule allows time for creative and imaginative play, gathering time, outdoor play, language time, nutritious snacks, movement, music, child-directed as well as teacher-directed art activities, and more (see sample schedule).

8:45 am Working Parents arrive for their work day – morning meeting with Director
9:00 – 11:30 am

Outside Teacher– stationed in an outside area, and will run the outside centers and activities

Outside Parent(s) – Stationed in an outside are with the outside teacher

9:00 – 11:30 am

Inside Teacher – stationed in the inside areas of the school and will oversee the inside activities that are set up ie. Snack/cooking, art

Snack Parent – stationed inside from 9 – 9:45 am; will assist the kids in making that days snack, will take the prepared snack outside at 10:30am and stay at the picnic tables until 11:00am

11:30 am All parents will come inside and clean up the classroom and teachers take the kids outside to the main playground and other outsides areas
11:45 – noon Circle Time and outdoor time
12 pm Dismissal, Lunch Bunch Begins

School Year
School is in session from approximately September 1 – June 15. We adhere to the calendar of the Novato Unified School District.