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Work/Student Schedule

  • Pick week from tabs

  • Sign-up for an e-day 

  • Log agreed swaps, drop-ins,  absences


  • Make-up and drop-in (Due Friday before)

  • Schedule request changes


tag @channel for all

  • Workday swaps requests

  • Sick Call for workday

sick call.png

Sick Call for workday Procedure:

  1. Post first (#workday-swaps) and seek willing switch

  2. Notify e-day person by text if no one offers

Replacement is your responsibility and needed unless you are told otherwise when request for switch goes out 

​Note: If you cover for someone's workday they will cover your day at both of your convenience, including e-day coverage


On Phone, download google sheets app
for iphone or android to access above calendars

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