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Laurynn Gould

Laurynn Gould

Board certified Music Therapist, Masters - Early Childhood Special Edu

Baby Explorer dates will be found on this page. 

Welcome to the Baby Explorers! This hour-long class is great for children under age two and their grown-ups. Developmental milestones will be supported through music, movement, drama and sensory play while grown-ups have the opportunity to connect with other grown-ups and share the experience of caregiving for little ones.

The first half hour will follow a structure of teacher-led activities. Children are not expected to sit for the entire duration. As long as they are safe, exploration is good. The second half will be an informal discussion for adults and sensory exploration for the children. This class will be held indoors and masks are required for adults.

Baby Explorers gives young children the necessary environment to develop social skills, strengthen their ability to take directions, and improve motor skills. Our goal is to help parents and caregivers learn how to help their children by using imagination, caring, exploration, and sharing. Our teacher will help each parent/caregiver and child discover the wonders of becoming part of a group experience.

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Note: Baby explorers is a separate environment and program from our preschool program

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