Co-Op Model & Participation

The cooperative framework serves as a supportive resource for parents as they guide their children through the experience of early childhood.  It also provides a unique experience for families who wish to be involved in these first years of their child’s life and to learn alongside with them.  By sharing the highs and lows of this magical time, parents gain a sense of community with those around them and come to a greater understanding of their child.



Each family is required to have one person work in the classroom one day every week or one day every other week. “No Classroom Work” & "Non- Participation" positions are available on a limited basis.


At least one member from each family is required to attend the monthly general membership meeting, these meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month from 7 pm - 9 pm.  These meetings consist of approximately one hour of a business meeting presented by the board and one hour of Parent Education provided by the Director or other expert in the field. Adults only (nursing infants ok).


General Maintenance

All families are required to assist with maintaining and improving the school. We schedule four maintenance days per year and each family signs up for one of those days to put in their 4 hours of required maintenance and improvement for the school. Special individual projects may also be available during the year.



Each family is required to participate in fundraising efforts.  We provide many opportunities to help families reach their fundraising goal of $390 per school year (Reduced for mid-year joins).

"While NPNS is housed at Novato United Methodist Church, we are not a faith-based program or affiliated with the church."  

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