"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood."

-Fred Rogers

Preschool Class



COVID-19 Modifications and Protocols

Due to current restrictions, we currently operate two cohorts limited to 12 students each: Cohort 1 attends Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Cohort 2 attends Tues & Thurs. Class is held exclusively outside and all adults and children wear masks or face shields, excluding during snack time and bike riding. All equipment and toys are sanitized daily at a minimum. Student's hands are washed upon entry, before and after snack time. Safety is a top priority and we follow all local health department and licensing guidelines. Please contact us for a copy of your site-specific protection plan. 

Our preschool program runs 9am – 12pm, Monday thru Friday, with the optional addition of an extended-care program (Lunch Bunch). We offer programs with 1 to 5 days of attendance, with flexibility as to which days your child attends, depending on space and availability.

Enrollment is limited to 24 children in the classroom, with a child-to-adult ratio of 5:1. Students must be 2 1/2 years by the first day of school.

Inspired by the early childhood education pioneers, our curriculum is child-centered and play-based. Children move freely indoors and outdoors for most of the day, exploring their world as they choose. We provide a wide variety of activities and materials to develop their understanding of the natural world, creative arts, literacy, math, and science.

We follow the Positive Discipline model; each family receives a copy of the book at the beginning of the school year, and early childhood educators give talks at our monthly parent meetings on topics of Positive Discipline, as well as other relevant and age-appropriate topics.

We provide age and developmentally appropriate activities for our Pre-K aged children to explore and start working on the skills needed to succeed at their next level. While these are not just open to those entering Kindergarten, we have a more focused approach on them at this time.


School Year:
School is in session from the approximate end of August to mid-June. We adhere to the calendar of the Novato Unified School District.

Extended Care "Lunch Bunch"

Lunch Bunch is a program where enrolled preschool children bring their lunch boxes, stay in school, and participate in fun activities. Lunch Bunch gives the children an opportunity to have a family-style lunch with their friends from school, and enjoy free play time. During this time, the children experience group art, games and songs, and have quiet time together, where they can nap, or engage in a quiet activity.


12AM-1PM Monday-Friday

12AM-3PM Monday-Friday


Currently, the Lunch Bunch program is not being offered. We hope to open this program again as soon as possible.

Infant Room


The Infant room is a unique program offered at NPNS.  This program will allow parents with children under 2 years to still be able to participate in the NPNS community. 

On your work day, you and the other parents of children under 2 years old will be working together to take care of the infants in a separate space in the school and will rotate on an availability basis in and out of the classroom, you as a group count as one working parent.  For example, if your baby is sleeping soundly you may have the opportunity to be in the classroom and help out on a project or work in a particular area. Once your baby wakes up and needs you, then the other parent in the infant room can alert you and trade spots with you ensuring that the under two’s are being taken care of and the preschoolers have a parent helper as well.

Infant room is available 9-12pm on designated days.


Currently, the Infant Room program is not being offered. We hope to open this program again as soon as possible.

"While NPNS is housed at Novato United Methodist Church, we are not a faith-based program or affiliated with the church."  

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