Monthly Tuition

As a co-op, parents are required to work in the classroom. Monthly pricing is based on caregiver work frequency combined with the number of days student attends. Availability of No Classroom Work and Non-Participating options are extremely limited. Current Status due to Covid restrictions: - We are operating two cohorts: Cohort 1 (Mon, Wed, Fri), Cohort 2 (Tue & Thurs). The 1,4,5 day and Infant Room options are unavailable.

Monthly Lunch Bunch Rates - Currently not offered due to Covid 

Little Explorers - Currently not offered due to Covid 

Deposit & Fees

"While NPNS is housed at Novato United Methodist Church, we are not a faith-based program or affiliated with the church."  

Novato Parents Nursery School
License #210102877

1473 S Novato Blvd, Novato, CA 94947 

T: (415) 897-4498