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Currently enrolling for the 2022-2023 School Year. Contact us today for a tour.

Preschool Monthly Tuition 2022-2023


  • 25% discount applied to 2nd child (2.5yrs to 5 yrs) enrolled in the classroom.

  • Two days per week work frequency is available for an additional discount.

  • Younger sibling attending on work day: $85/month for attending every week. $42.50/month for attending every other week

Preschool Afternoon Enrichment:
Monthly Rates 

Little Explorers

Age 2 to 2 and a half

1 day / week = $108 / month

Summer Program

3 days / week = $156 / week

5 days / week = $240 / week

Deposit & Fees 

Other Parent Participation Options

Most parents work once per week with  "Work Share" (every other week) and "Buy-out" (Non-Participating) options sometimes available on a limited basis.

For a full list of rates and fees please e-mail

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