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Little Explorers 

Welcome your 2 - 2.5 year old gently to preschool with Little Explorers! One day per week, caregiver and child come to play and explore in our regular co-op class. There is no co-op participation needed for this program: no family job, no work day, no fundraising requirement. Just enroll and come and play! 

Little Explorers gives young children the necessary environment to develop social skills, strengthen their ability to take directions, and improve motor skills. Our goal is to help parents learn how to help their children by using imagination, caring, exploration, and sharing. Our teacher will help each parent and child discover the wonders of becoming part of a group experience.

Little Explorers is an excellent way to transition your child into our preschool. Many children from Little Explorers go on to attend our preschool program and are automatically given priority for enrollment over children on our waiting list. Not only is this program an enriching experience for you and your child, the bonds that are formed among the children during this time will also carry over into their preschool years and beyond, making each transition into new environments less stressful and more rewarding for your child.

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