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Cinnamon Play dough

How we make play dough

Our aftercare children made cinnamon Playdough this week. They have made playdough before but this time they got to decide what they would add to it. We talked about the main recipe and how we could make it special. The discussion centered on color and smell. There were lots of great suggestions, but the one that really captured Elin‘s attention was “cookie dough“. We did a quick smell test of the spices in the kitchen and settled on cinnamon.

Our Recipe

4 cups of flour (You can substitute dry ingredients such as cocoa powder, cornmeal or turmeric on a cup:cup basis. We used 3 cups of flour and 1 cup of cinnamon.) 2 cups of salt 4 tsp cream of tartar (available in the cooking aisle or from Amazon.) 4 cups of boiling water (if you are adding food coloring add it as part of the total water amount) 8 tbsp oil (I prefer cooking oil because it is edible, just in case, but you can use baby oil or cooking oils such as coconut.)

Playing with clay and play dough supports hand/eye coordination and builds Children’s understanding of form and shape. It encourages language and literacy, introduces a variety of science and math concepts and encourages creativity and problem solving. Plus this week it smelled like cookies.

NOV 11 Fri

Closed in Observance of Veterans Day

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