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Inspired by the early childhood education pioneers, our curriculum is child-centered and play based. Children move freely indoors and outdoors for most of the day, exploring their world as they choose. We provide a wide variety of activities and materials to develop their understanding of the natural world, creative arts, literacy, math, and science.

We follow the Positive Discipline model and parents are offered education from early childhood educators and our teachers at our monthly parent meetings on topics of Positive Discipline, as well as other relevant and age-appropriate topics.


School Year
School is in session from approximately September 1 – June 15. We align with the calendar of the Novato Unified School District.

The summer program schedule is published each Spring.


Tuition and Fees 
Parent participation allows us to remain one of the most affordable options for preschools in Marin County. Most parents work once per week with the children  Please see Tuition & Fees section.

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