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Summer School 2023

NPNS summer school is all about discovery and following the interests of the child. It is an extension of our regular preschool program providing hands-on learning in our natural, thoughtfully designed environments. A variety of activities will be offered every day.


Novato Parents Nursery School offers summer school between June 20th - August 5th, from 9:00am-1:00pm.


Children age 3 to 5 years old are welcome to join.

Parents have no co-op obligations for this summer program.


We hope to see you this summer! 


3 days a week: $172 / week

5 days a week: $264 / week

Check back in spring for schedule!

*Existing NPNS families can enroll for Summer School through their Jovial account

Engineering and Construction:
  • Magna tiles, Legos, and Blocks

  • Loose part structures

  • Natural dens and stick structures

  • Fairy houses

Environmental Stewardship
  • Gardening

  • Documenting and researching wildlife

  • Investigating local plants and trees


  • Collaborative process art

  • Watercolors - color mixing and blending

  • Clay work/sculptures

Science and Sensory
  • Experimenting with solutions

  • Potion making

  • Bubbles

  • Slime

  • Baking soda and vinegar

We celebrate that children are naturally curious and competent, so we structure our time with your child in a way that allows them to follow their own investigative process, free to wonder, engage and research as they see fit. This ensures each day is a new adventure with opportunities to build new relationships and make new discoveries.

Novato Parents Nursery School.    1473 S Novato Blvd, Novato, CA 94947 | | T: (415) 897-4498 | License #210102877.
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