Infant Room

The Infant room is a unique program offered at NPNS.  This program will allow parents with children under 2 years to still be able to participate in the NPNS community. 

On your work day you and the other parents of children under 2 years old will be working together to take care of the infants in a separate space in the school and will rotate on an availability basis in and out of the classroom and you as a group count as one working parent.  For example, if your baby is sleeping soundly you may have the opportunity to be in the classroom and help out on a project or work in a particular area. 

Once your baby wakes up and needs you then the other parent in the infant room can alert you and trade spots with you ensuring that the under two’s are being taken care of and the preschoolers have a parent helper as well.


Infant room is available 9-12pm on designated days.